Nsansa exists to unleash the creative power of people and places in service of all life.


Nsansa is part lab, part people development agency, part consultancy. We work at compelling edges, often in tandem with others. 


We live these principles in all we do, developing mastery as we go. 

  • Always pursue the higher purpose
  • Honour the whole and the parts
  • Recognise what is, what is possible and what is emerging
  • Invite curiosity and discovery
  • Play and experiment
  • Take inspired action with wisdom and love
  • Build confidence and capability
  • Aim for greater beauty and simplicity
  • Remember joy and flow are guides

Primary Impulse

Nsansa was founded in 2011 on a creative impulse. Nothing was clear, except this:

To be in creative flow – that is joy.

Nsansa began by offering a combination of coaching, consulting and facilitation services. That model felt too constrained for the type of experimentation and capability development we were drawn to. We continue to experiment with ways to best realise our purpose, through a combination of selected projects, experiments, and engagements.  


Nsansa was founded by Rashmir Balasubramaniam. After an initial experiment in Seattle with a small team, Nsansa, led by Rashmir, draws on Rashmir's extensive global network of experts and practitioners across a variety of fields as particular projects, client engagements and purposes require. 

Learn more about Rashmir on LinkedIn and at this site dedicated to one-on-one coaching